Devotion Learn, the educational program at Devotion Gallery, is the brainchild of Brian Jackson. Since moving to NYC in 2002, he has taught music production and audio engineering privately, and at numerous schools in Manhattan – SAE, IAR, and DMX Touro. In addition to instruction, he was also Electronic Music Program coordinator at SAE, and Curriculum Director at Dubspot. This wide variety of experiences has given him a unique perspective on audio and music production education – he knows what works, and what tends to fall short for most students.

As a professional teacher, and perennial student, he is driven to ensure a high quality learning experience for students and instructors alike – as owner, he is in the position to do so. As a student, Brian’s graduate work focused on “The Evolution of Integral Consciousness.” In addition to his love of music, sound, and pro audio, this deep interest in Integral Philosophy is also a significant motivation for starting a school.

Intellectual and pedagogical interests and qualifications are important, but not sufficient when it comes to teaching electronic music production and audio engineering. Real world experience, creative successes, technical skill, and industry recognized expertise are vital for running a school such as Devotion Learn.

Brian’s involvement in underground music culture started in Detroit more than two decades ago. Over the years he’s produced and remixed various styles of electronic music, played bass in bands, promoted club events, and even deejayed after-hours parties. His music has been released on 4 continents, featured in award-winning experimental short films, and licensed for TV shows such as “24”.

Though he started as a bass player, he is now a complete producer, able to handle drums, synths, arranging, and many other aspects of electronic music creation. He is half of the live electronic act Memory Systems, and uses the pseudonyms Infinite Volume and Ciphony ][ for solo works and remixes. In a previous incarnation he co-founded the avante-pop / electronic rock act I Am Spoonbender (1996-2000) and performed with acts such as Wire and Einsturzende Neubauten.

As a professional audio engineer and producer he specializes in mixing, mastering, drum programming, sound design, and synthesis. Brian started using Pro Tools in 1996, Logic in 2000, and was invited to become one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers in 2008. He has authored 3 Ableton Live tutorial DVDs, and tech edited numerous books: “Live 7 Power!” Live 8 Power!,” “Pro Tools 8 Power!,” and “Your Ableton Live Studio” – among others. Brian also is also a creative-technical consultant – with clients including Ableton, Access, and multiple Grammy nominees/winners.

He brings to Devotion 19 years of teaching experience with more than 10 of them focused on audio engineering and music production. With a B.S. in Sociology and Philosophy already under his belt (WMU, 1994), Brian went on to earn an M.A. in East-West Psychology (1999) from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Prior to relocating from SF to NYC in 2002, he also worked for and Rocket Network (now DigiDelivery).  Currently, his studio is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.