Our talented crew does more than teach. We offer a wide variety of creative and technical services: remixing, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio post, private lessons, custom software, original scores, performance setup consulting, beta testing, and more... If you don't see what you are looking for, just email us with your query.

Private Lessons @ Devotion Learn

Sometimes is is not possible, or practical, to take group classes. Private one-on-one lessons are a great solution for many. If you don’t see a class listing for something, it doesn’t mean we can’t do private lessons on that topic. All of our instructors are experts and love to teach. We offer hourly and package rates, and there is no need to make a big commitment up front.
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Music Production and Release Consulting w/ Ezekiel Honig

Ezekiel Honig has been running a dual, independent music imprint, Anticipate Recordings and Microcosm Music, since 2003, and has been managing his personal music career during that time, releasing works on both his own labels and other respected companies. He has loads of experience with producing material and coaxing it through each stage of the release process, from design and manufacturing to promotion, marketing, press relations, distribution and all the little pitfalls along the way. read more >

Music Mixing and Mastering

Need your songs mixed or mastered? We have numerous people with many years of professional experience at your disposal. Rates and locations vary, but we are all very affordable, conveniently located, and guarantee great results.

If you are one of our students, we can also offer “learning sessions” – which means you watch us work and we explain what we are doing and why. This method is actually the best way to learn audio engineering.

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Ableton Certified Training Center

We are proud to be the first Ableton Certified Training Center in Brooklyn. Headed by one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers, you can be sure that we are at the top of any list for learning Live, worldwide.

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