Mixing – 6 week course
Mixing is the art of making multiple elements work together to support a desired sonic-emotional result. In-depth discussion and demonstration of EQ, Compression, Reverb, mixer signal flow, automation, and effect usage is central to the course. In addition to covering the technical aspects of the craft, we will discuss invaluable concepts on how to even approach a mix before a single EQ is touched. Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Live are available to students for mixing practice in class.

Mastering 101 – 2 week course (4 classes)
The final creative step before manufacturing and distribution is mastering. Audio mastering is a very high level skillset best left to the pros in most cases, but every serious producer should understand the process. While this course will not turn you into a “real” mastering engineer, it will teach you how to make your finished mixes sound more “competitive” and professional. For those interested in pursuing mastering as a profession, this course will help you on your way to meeting that goal, and also serves as a prerequisite for Mastering 202 – Pro Project Studio Mastering.

Note: We are utilizing iZotope’s Ozone and Alloy in these courses to make sure that all students have the same tools for applying theory and technique. So, these courses are for those that want to learn about mixing and/or mastering, AND also those that want to learn about Ozone / Alloy or both. One of the nice things about these plug-ins is the ease with which you can apply what you’ve learned to other hardware and software.

These courses are offered in partnership with iZotope, so as one of our students you receive the same academic discount as if you were attending a university – 50% off of list! So their Mix & Master Bundle – Ozone 5 + Alloy = $250. You can also upgrade to Ozone 5 Advanced. Once enrolled, your info will be sent to iZotope and they will handle the sale and licensing within 24-48 hours.

Also on every workstation is a copy of the very versatile DSP Quattro, which is used for the CD Mastering portion of the Mastering course. As one of our students, you are also eligible for special deal – check it out here.